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November 26, 2018

What is the difference of RFID products in Spain, Italy and China libraries?

In last month, I had a 12 days Europe business trip and visited some libraries there. This visit helps me to know the difference of RFID products in Spain, Italy and China.


I find some difference that the libraries there are still using separated reader and antenna which I think the cables are too much and complicated, also not nice comparing to our TPAD20M reade writer integrated with antenna together.


We also have TPAD10M model which supports both ISO15693, ISO14443A/B and ISO18000-3M3 protocols. That means it could read both book tags and library cards together.


And something I find different there is their kiosk are mainly using micro-power reader which is different to our Chinese market using medium power reader to detect more books. To the kiosk reader, we have two models for recommendation.


Micro power reader writer RL866 which is multiple protocols support ISO14443A, ISO15693 and ISO18000-3M3, this is similar to the reader the Europe market is using but this model is multiple protocls that means to support different protocols reader card and book tags by only one reader.


Medium power reader writer PBYTJ311 which is single protocol ISO15693 but it is able to read about 10 books at the same time which improve the check out effiency. For its metal shielded design, it could be put on the metal environment.


The third case is that the RFID gates there could reach 120~130cm distance but there are still dead zone when the books are parallel to the ground. But in our China market, dead zone is not acceptable. When using 50*50mm book tags, there will be no blind zone of our gates LSG405 within 90cm distance and it could reach 120cm without blind zone in 50*80mm by single book testing.


What is your opinions of the above models and the library market? I am Alex Mai. Hope to communicate with you.

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