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March 28, 2018

RFID Attendance Channel from Andea Electronics is used in the ASEAN-AUSTRALIA Special Summit 2018


Andea Electronics's perfect products RFID attendance channel (model G303) is used in the ASEAN-AUSTRALIA Special Summit 2018 to realize quick check-in and barrier-free security monitoring. Thank your for the committee's trust to Andea Electronics.


Using this product, the delegates don't need to stop to have a sign-in and confirm their information by staff. As their information have been recorded in the system, when they walk through the RFID attendance channel directly, at the same time, their photos and information will shown in the computer to be checked and confirmed by staff if they are the right person, also the sign-in work is done within a few seconds. If someone not a delegate without a legal card passing through the RFID attendance channel, it will give a sound and light alarm to remind the security officer. 


To use the RFID attendance channel, save the time in meeting sign-in management and give a comfortable experience to the delegates. Welcome to ask more information if you have interese in our products.

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